My journey into programming began during my freshman year of college. I had heard about Codecademy and decided to give it a try in my free time. Despite the simplicity of the tutorials there, I recognized that writing code is a powerful way to solve problems and create new things. It inspired me so much that I left school to pursue a career in designing and building software.

That summer, I got an internship at AllDayEveryDay, a creative agency in New York City. I learned so much about technology and what is possible from the awesome folks there. I was hooked.

The following September, I enrolled in Starter School, a nine-month program in Chicago that teaches progamming, design, and entrepreneurship. It was the most influential experience of my life thus far.

After that I joined Hard Hat Hub, a startup that’s changing how the construction industry recruits talent, as their second full time engineer. I was lucky to be allowed to jump in and help shape the product right away. After a little more than a year, I left Hard Hat Hub to create Sturdy with John and Chance, where we are building useful products for awesome companies.